Say Hello

The Social Exchange aims to merge the community and social care business sector, facilitating and promoting quality activity within the area.

One of business based at the resource centre is Say Hello, a charity set up to enhance lives through social inclusion. This could be for individuals with learning difficulties, or those who do not fit in with those around them or are looked on as different, resulting in feeling left out and alone.

Throughout August, Say Hello have been trialling a new ‘tuck’ shop at the Social Care Exchange, run by supported individuals. Working as fundraisers, the individuals have been enjoying interacting with customers and practising money handling. This has proved a great opportunity to improve social skills and confidence, while gaining valuable life skills and experience. Responsibilities for fundraisers also include pricing, counting stock and recording what they have sold.

A huge thank you to all the individuals who have volunteered and to staff instrumental in supporting this – helping raising money for the charity and keeping us topped up with healthy snacks and sweet treats.

If you support an individual who would like to help with fundraising please contact Rachel at the Social Care Exchange.