Recruitment Partner Project

This week the Social Care Exchange hosted a celebration event for the first cohort of graduates from Home From Home Care’s PBS Recruitment Partner project.

Held in Art to Exchange, the centre’s main exhibition space, participants proudly received certificates of completion and their new ID badges. They then enjoyed a little party with friends and Home From Home Care staff who have helped to make the project such a success.

A number of training rooms at the Social Care Exchange have been used throughout the project, which was designed to be fully inclusive and prepare the new Recruitment Partners for their vital role.

The five-week course involved a series of workshops, with participants determining what they wanted from their support workers, developing questions to identify these traits in an interview. The Recruitment Partners also worked on methods of communicating with the interviewees - finding ways to be understood through Makaton and other adapted communication methods.

The last session involved the participants practising their interview skills through role play, with some fantastic volunteers at the Social Care Exchange. All Recruitment Partners graduated successfully and were issued with a certificate of completion and their new work identity passes.

Home From Home Care’s Recruitment Partner Project will run multiple times a year to allow more service users to be involved in this empowering programme.