Reaching Out to People Impacted by Someone with Mental Health Needs

When someone you know experiences a mental health need, it can be hard for them to get the right support, but as a family member or friend helping them, where do you turn?

“I can talk openly with people about my friend’s cancer, even with colleagues, but opening up about how my mum’s mental health impacts me is not that simple”

Mental health has long been stigmatised and so it can be difficult to seek support for the person affected, but even harder to find help and advice for friends and family supporting that person.

Helping or living with someone suffering with mental health needs can be stressful at times. Making sure that you look after your own well being can mean that you have the energy, time and distance you need to be able to help.

Our first community event held at the Social Care Exchange, just off Doddington Road, on 5 th March aims to reach out to those impacted by someone with mental health needs - providing community support and the chance to meet others in a warm, welcoming environment and share experiences.

“Talking about the impact her mental health has on me helped me realise I was not alone.”

Pop in for a coffee and chat between 6-7 pm.