Investing in Training

Training has many benefits; a well-trained team will be more productive and have increased morale. This leads to a more profitable and efficient workplace environment.

Business productivity can be adversely effected by disengaged employees and a high turnover rate. Training helps to prove your willingness to invest in your employees, improving engagement and retention. “Training is vital to maintain high standards”, says Sophie Myers, Professional Training  Lead at HFHC, by keeping skills up to date and reinvigorating staff, employees will feel an increased sense of job security and job satisfaction.

When choosing which facilities to use for training, there are many factors to consider. Onsite facilities have several benefits, by holding training internally - there are no travel costs, overheads for the facility or potential catering expenses. It also minimises time spent out of office, in sales teams this time could cost the company in potential lost revenue.

However, there are drawbacks to onsite training. Many companies do not have adequate facilities to create an effective learning environment. Cost savings on facilities may be outweighed by the training being less effective and providing a less efficient return. A room not designed for training may not have a flexible layout that allows for different styles of tuition or have the space for all learners. Interruptions are also a major drawback - several minor disturbances will prevent training being successful.

Holding training off-site however, allows that physical and mental separation for employees to take a break from their day to day work and focus on the training. A change of environment can make training more memorable whilst also providing a valuable networking opportunity for staff, spending time together outside of the classroom and creating valuable links across the organisation. A change of environment can be particularly beneficial for sessions involving brainstorming and creativity.

Holding training off site also demonstrates to employees that you have invested in their training and value it, contributing to the productivity of the session and boosting morale.

The Social Care Exchange is a resource centre for those working in health and social care as well as a hub for those seeking employment, or looking for specialist services or support.

Our venue provides excellent flexible training facilities in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are a variety of training spaces that can be set up in several layouts to meet your needs, from board room and networking spaces to more traditional training rooms.

Each room has all the facilities you need to make your training a success. All rooms are equipped with a projector, flip chart, whiteboard and markers. Video conferencing equipment is also available. Tea, coffee and projectors are included in the price and catering can be provided on request.

The Social Care Exchange is well located, with easy access from the A46 and 15 minutes from the centre of Lincoln. Hykeham train station is only a 15-minute walk away.

For more information or to book our facilities please contact Laura Elliot on 01522 246 454 or email: