10 Tips for Event Organising

1. Start planning early
The more time you have the easier it will be to organise. For a large event, start planning around six months before. Smaller events can be organised with at least one month’s notice.

2. Set objectives
Write down your aims for your event and how they link to your business objectives and your target audience. Make sure everything you plan helps you to achieve those.

3. Create a shared planning document
Working collaboratively is important to create a successful event. Cloud services help with communication across the team and give a good overview of tasks and time lines.

4. Assign responsibility
Delegate tasks and communicate with your team. Clear communication helps to you to manage the workload and makes the event run smoothly as everyone knows their role in advance.

5. Market early
You can never start to market your event early enough. The longer you have to reach your target audience, the more likely they are to have heard of it and plan to come.

6. Have a back-up plan
Having already planned an alternative will mean that you will feel less anxious about potential problems.

7. Do a run through
Mentally run through the event with your team before the event, allow yourself enough time to correct issues that may be identified.

8. Photograph and share the event
This will increase the impact your event has, raising your profile and make future events even more successful.

9. Follow up
Get feedback and thank attendants for coming. Following up with attendants will improve the relationship and gives you a vital opportunity to get constructive criticism and reviews.

10. Learn from your event
Write down the successes and any areas you could improve, do this as soon as possible after the event so it is still fresh in your mind. You can then refer back to this when you are planning your next event.

If you are looking to hold an event, our dedicated events team can take the stress out of organising your meeting. Catering for anything up to 50 people, the Social Care Exchange houses Conference and Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms, Exhibition Spaces, Breakout Areas and Serviced Offices.

To arrange a site visit to see the facilities or discuss an event, call the team on 01522 246 454 or email events@socialcare.exchange