Working Effectively with Two Chairs


17 Aug

10:00am - 4:00pm


NW Counselling Hub, Unit 10, Allenby Business Park, Crofton Road Lincoln LN3 4NL


Combining theory, skills, practical demonstrations and a guided exercise, to experience this exceptionally powerful therapeutic intervention.

Alan Leach, BSc. Clinical Psychology, studied at the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia, USA, and has worked in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy for thirty years. His professional expertise embraces dreams, grief and shame. He was a member of the 9/11 British Support Team in NYC. Alan continues to practice as a Gestalt psychotherapist and supervisor in the UK, but as a sought-after Public Speaker he now delivers workshops across Europe, the USA and Australia. He most recently delivered the Two Chair workshop in Melbourne and Sydney for the Australian Centre for Existential Practice.

The powerful Two Chair workshop will cover:

- Understanding the theoretical underpinning of two chair work

- Setting up, managing and working towards closure in chair work

- Demonstrations and practice

- Trouble shooting the pitfalls of chair work

“Two Chair' work must arise from the immediate therapeutic encounter that requires a timely and skilful application to ensure a meaningful experience for both counsellor and client.” Alan Leach.

Testimonials to Alan’s workshops include:

"Chair work is an exciting and creative approach to change and healing. When used judiciously and with clinical sensitivity, it has the power to transform and liberate patients in deep and profound ways" - Scott Kellogg, PhD

"Still picking my jaw up off the floor from the Two Chair workshop! Amazing new dimension to therapy discovered for me...can't wait to discover more"! – Counsellor

"I really enjoyed the workshop - I was so happy to be able to have first-hand experience exploring my dreams. I never for one minute thought I would be overcome with all that emotion. It was such a powerful experience, I can only hope that I can be that successful with my clients one day". - Counsellor

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